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The Marvellous Mangroves Curriculum

We provide a range of educational resources for teachers and students to learn about mangroves. The Marvellous Mangroves Curriculum is an award-winning 300 page wetlands/environmental resource guide for both children and adults living in the tropics and subtropics.


Chapter 1 - All About Mangroves

Everything from what they are and where they are found to mangrove types, functions and their benefits.


Chapter 2 - Mangroves As Habitat

What lives in mangroves and who visits them at different times of the year?


Chapter 3 - Human Impacts

Mangrove destruction and its long-term effects. How are we to effectively manage our coastlines to minimise negative human activities?


Chapter 4 - Exploring Mangroves

What do we need to bring to a mangrove investigation? We’ll be recording things in detail with the necessary toolkit


Chapter 5 - Making Change

Are you ready for a challenge? The future for mangroves and how you can get involved.