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Visiting the Mangroves

National Trust for Cayman Islands

How can we best explore the mangroves without harming them or the ecosystem?





What  I  would do to protect the mangroves by not pulling the mangroves. The mangroves have been removed and they help  to protect fish but people distroy them to build land.

Year 5 Edna Moyle Primary, Northside, Grand Cayman. Taegen checks out an upside down jellyfish with (right to left) Jordan, Lars & Christopher.

Back in the Year 5 classroom recording data on their finds: (left to right): Lars, Taegen and Jordannne.

Artwork is the key to understanding. Tegean from Year 5, Edna Moyle Primary, Grand Cayman, recreates the mangrove ecosystem from the boat trip to the Central Mangroves.

Where does the salt go? Checking out mangrove leaves with the taste test. Year 5, Edna Moyle Primary, North Side, Grand Cayman. Left to right: Jaron, Christopher, Paris and Takira.


Rayshelle from Year 5, Edna Moyle Primary, Northside Grand Cayman, describes the process of Red Mangrove seeds and miniature trees as they grow in the Central Mangroves. Before and after the meddling takes root.

Rayshelle does a black mangrove leaf taste test. That’s where the salt goes. Year 5 Edna Moyle Primary, Grand Cayman.

Checking out the red mangroves in North Sound – Year 5, Edna Moyle Primary, Grand Cayman. Closest to camera is Jaron.

Takira feels the upside down jellyfish while the rest of her group use the binoculars to spot birdlife in Grand Cayman’s Central Mangroves. From Year 5, Edna Moyle Primary School, Northside.